Watermelon Cutting Made Simple

Welcome to watermelon cutting 101.  Today I am assisted by my friend Texas Seedless.  Tex and I have had a long discussion about what we will be covering in class today and has consented to be cut up during this demonstration. I cannot stress the importance of obtaining consent from anyone you will be cutting up.  An honest discussion and mutual understanding is imperative in personal relationships. Trust me, it eliminates misunderstandings and many hurt feelings.

Using my properly maintained chef’s knife, I approach Tex and take my time carefully slicing off one end of their rind.

I repeat the rind removal on the other end, so the Tex has a good firm base to stand on while positioned on the cutting board.

Using long graceful strokes. I carefully begin removing the rind from top to bottom from Tex.  I am mindful that my knife reaches through their green and white rind, but, goes not slice off any of their sweet and juicy pink flesh.

Each cut continues following Tex’s gentle curve down to the cutting board. I repeat the slicing until I have removed as much rind as possible.

Tex thoughtfully mentions that there is still some white part to remove from the end resting on the cutting board. I appreciate their contribution to the success of my demonstration,

Repositioning Tex, I am then able to remove those white spots.

Tex is comfortable being rindless for this tutorial.  Each watermelon is different and each is beautiful, juicy and a healthy snack. As a very special treat, Tex suggests that this is the perfect time to debut a performance piece we have been planning.

I agree.  Tex and I face each other with open hearts and trust.  I slice from the top of Tex to the cutting board,

What does this represent? The duality of our existence? Our light and shadow sides? How easy it is to be injured by someone we trust? How we all have unseen areas that should be brought to light?  Or is this the start of a new form of expression for Tex?


Or is it the beginning of making easy to eat slices of watermelon?


Tex and I will let you come to your own conclusions.




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