Safety Tip #911

Unless you are terrycloth or some sort of heat-proof silicon life form, always be cautious around the stove, oven, grill or other hot surfaces. Remember to don some sort of protective gloves, pot holders or mitts when touching hot pots, pans or implements.

Never ever ever (ever!) manipulate anything that has been baking, boiling, frying, heating, roasting, steaming, simmering, sautéing or cooking in any way without taking the necessary precautions. I know, you think it’s not that hot or you say you’ll be very careful. That’s what they all say just before they reach for the ice pack and the burn ointment.

When in doubt, get the oven mitt out! Trust me on this one, a good oven mitt, welders glove or pot holder is colorful and way more fun than any trip to the burn unit could ever be.

Now that you know your way around potholder, how about joining me in the kitchen?

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