foil covered chocolate truffle heart

Open Source Truffle Hearts

You too can transform my Open Source Truffles into fancy little truffle hearts. Start out by following the Open Source Truffle recipe and come back here when the recipe instructs you to do so.  Sure, you can read ahead, but no skipping steps, ok?

After 3 hours, the ganache is firm and fudgy. It’s ready to come out of the fridge!

chocolate heart truffles

Taking a portion of the cold ganache, I gingerly roll it out to one-quarter inch thickness between 2 pieces of plastic wrap. I pop this into the fridge for a little chill down. Thirty minutes should do it.

The flat truffle is chilled and firm when I remove it from the fridge. I peel off the top plastic wrap and use a small heart cookie cutter to cut out my bite-sized chocolaty hearts. I hear you ask “Monkey, could I use my tiny bat cookie cutter”? Sure. If you are lucky enough to own a tiny bat cookie cutter, this is the perfect time to use it. You could also use any cookie cutter that is not too detailed and would make a bite-sized truffley treat.

Plain, dusted with cocoa, or with a sprinkle of any sparkly sugar or sugar glitter, this little heart is a romantic variation on a classic recipe.

For a stunning presentation for my sweetie, I envelop the truffley goodness in gold foil. I suggest that you taste one of the chocolates to make sure they are, in fact, bite-sized. Enjoy!

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