Corpse Twins Ready to Bloom in Chicago!

Important!! Java, one of the corpse flowers at the Chicago Botanical Gardens is blooming! 

Take a look! 

me in my corpse flower outfit.

At the Houston Museum of Natural Science with Lois, the first titan arum I coached to a successful bloom. Here I am wearing my ceremonial robes in hopes of encouraging Lois to show off her brilliant bloom. July 2010

Java and Sumatra are the latest Titan Arums to make a media splash. Residing at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, these twins are officially on bloom watch! When they bloom, most flowers emit an aroma attracting insects to pollinate them. These gals are no different. They know the insects that they want to attract do not like sweet scents like bees or butterflies do. They find a more pungent aroma more alluring. The Titan Arum emits a slightly sweet, rotting aroma rich in indols that mimics the aroma of rotting meat or a corpse. It’s not hideous and you won’t make you gag, so, why not head over to the Botanical Gardens and meet Java & Sumatra. It’s a rare and wonderful experience! Tell them I said hi!

Not in Chicago?  Watch Live!!!



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