the truth about the fortune cookie

you know that everyone enjoys a nice crispy fortune cookie at the end of a chinese meal, but, did you know that these tasty and entertaining cookies are actually japanese in origin?

designer of the japanese tea garden in san francisco’s golden gate park, mr. makoto hagiwara knew that visitors liked relaxing and sipping a cup of tea in the garden’s beautiful atmosphere. like myself, mr. hagiwara knew the importance of having a nice tasty cookie (or two) with a hot cup of tea.

he thought that “tsujiura sembei” (a rice cookie that has long been enjoyed in japan and is often associated with new years festivities and pilgrimages to local shinto shrines) would be just such a treat. he took the basic recipe, made it a little sweeter and had this new little confection made in the kitchens of the gardens.

i can just imagine the lush green vegetation and playful splashing gold fish (brought all the way from japan), i can imagine the smell of the fresh air and trees mingling with the delicate aroma of freshly baked cookies! it must have been like a little slice of heaven on earth.
all this talk of cookies is making me hungry. i think i’ll have a nice cookie, a nice warm cup of tea and a little imaginary trip to
mr. hagiwara’s garden.

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