tashi deleg losar!

It seems like just welcomed in a new year. Now, it’s time to celebrate the lunar new year or as my Tibetan Buddhist pals like to call it, Losar (lo means year and sar mean new).  Losar celebrations date back to the pre-Buddhist period, and the indigenous spirituality called Bon. Today, however, it’s inseparable from Buddhist…

Happy Birthday! Mim!

It is s cozy feeling when you know someone for as long as  have known Mim.  I was just a tiny terrycloth monkey when we met. So, I’m excited to wish Mim a very Happy Birthday today! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo I’m going to celebrate with a nice cool, sweet and refreshing slice of watermelon!  

Who knew?

  You know, I had no idea how simple it would be to completely wipe away my website.  Yes, it was easy-peasy!  One click and it was gone before I knew it.  Good to know in case I ever want to delete it in the future.  I found, however, it is not so easy to restore…