Arrhythmia PVC

EKG Cross Stitch Valentines

Valentine’s Day is an excellent time for me to get in touch with my stitchier side by diving head first into making cross stitch valentines! As any qualified stitcher will tell you, thread selection is crucial.  I’m sticking to a reasonably traditional valentiney pallet of red and pink thread on a crisp white x stitch fabric. I’ve…

Open Source Truffles

I think everyone loves chocolate truffles! They are exotic and luscious yet deceptively easy to make with a couple of ingredients. 12 oz chocolate 4 oz cream optional 2 Tablespoons of a flavoring (extract, liqueur, etc.) Look! I just so happen to have all those items on hand, so, let’s get truffling! Let ’s take…

monkey playing tiny violin.

Tips for Valentine’s Day Romance

  Music is one of the most beautiful ways to convey feelings when words fail. Spontaneously bursting into a romantic serenade on your violin is a sure way to win your sweetie’s heart. Be sure you know how to play the violin before attempting this charming gesture, or this could tarnish your relationship a tiny bit.

Feb 2nd groundhog's day

Groundhog Day

I believe that Groundhog Day is one of the most underrated holidays. It seems to be celebrated only in the North America (yes, that includes Canada) and despite lending its name to a Bill Murray movie, it lacks the international recognition it so dearly deserves. Yes, a few very hip, trendy and groundhog aware cities…

Groundhog's day cookies

Groundhog’s Day Cookies

Every holiday needs a tasty cookie! Enjoyed warm or room temperature, they are perfect to start your Groundhog Day festivities or as little nosh as you wind down from the big day celebrations.  My English friend, Judith, shared her Rockcake recipe with me many many (many) years ago and they are a natural for Groundhog Day…

Legendary Sorbet in a Sack

Thanks for joining me. Because my liquid nitrogen privileges have been temporarily suspended, I’ll be using a tried-and-true low-tech method to chill my sorbet.Today, I’m transforming this this box of juice into a tasty and refreshing sorbet. Let’s take a quick inventory to make sure I’m prepared. two zipity locking freezing bags – 1 gallon size and one pint…

Happy Birthday! Mim!

It is s cozy feeling when you know someone for as long as  have known Mim.  I was just a tiny terrycloth monkey when we met. So, I’m excited to wish Mim a very Happy Birthday today! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo I’m going to celebrate with a nice cool, sweet and refreshing slice of watermelon!